Welcome to KEMA Coin

Kema Coin is a de-centralized digital currency that can be used to pay for goods or services, earn exra income, and can be traded for other digital currencies on exchanges by you directly without the need for third parties.

How to get Kema coins?

  • Buying Kemacoins on our Exchange or choose from a list of our approved exchanges.
  • Selling Goods or services for Kemacoins
  • Earning Proof of Stake and Masternode Rewards
  • Receiving commissions in our Affiliate Program

What can you do with Kemacoins?

  • Great for use at vacation spots.
  • Conserve your cash by using it at service based businesses that accept Kemacoins.
  • Trade for other cryptocurrencies on our approved exchanges.

Ready to get started?

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  • Investing in crypto is risky as some or all of your investment may be at risk. We encourage you to seek council before investing in Kemacoin or any other crypto asset.

Approved Exchanges

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Masternode Services

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